Weekend Getaway

A Weekend in Ghent

Date: 31 July – 2 Aug

Modes of Travel: Eurostar, SNCB

Cast of Characters: Dan, Bruce, Catherine, Shannon & The Twins

Hotel: Hotel ibis Gent Centrum St Baafs Kathedraal

Well this trip was a few months ago and so much has been going on that we never got around to writing up our visit. We have a few today so they will be shorter than usual but with all of the info you would expect!

We decided on a quick trip to Ghent to see how well it would work for the Bruges Beer festival this year.

We took Eurostar after work and with everything that had been going on we were pretty tired and just wanted to get on the train and get to Ghent (via Brussels).

St. Pancras was a zoo but we made it through almost quickly and in our seats on the train pretty quickly.

We made it to the hotel at almost midnight and went straight to bed.

The next morning we met Cath and Shan who by chance were on their way to a wedding in the Netherlands, but needed to stop off to break the trip up for the twins. We had discussed meeting up before but thought we were going to miss each other by a day. This was such a welcome surprise and we were able to introduce them to the Nantucket and a few other places. But sadly they had to leave after lunch.

We did a self-guided walking tour of the city and it was dinner time. We had booked Amadeus which is a all you can eat Rib place we have been to in the past. Once again we were not disappointed and not only did we enjoy our ribs, we enjoyed our wine by the inch. If you get a chance to check this place out they are scattered around Belgium and worth a visit.

Just like that our time was up in Ghent and we headed back to London via Brussels.

Looking forward to our next visit to Ghent in February when we are staying in Ghent and doing a day trip to Bruges for the beer festival..